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Nov 03-05, 2024

Global FAST® Saves Lives
Global FAST® is everyday ultrasound on almost every patient!

Dear colleagues,
VVC as host invites you to participate in  Global FAST® Ultrasound-Our New Skill for Patient Evaluation Conference.  This is a MasterClass level conference and participants will gain specific knowledge and skills that they have not had before and will be able to apply them in their practices immediately after this training.
During this conference we will have the unique opportunity to meet face to face one of the modern innovators in our profession - Dr. Gregory R. Lisciandro. This is someone who has developed and integrated a methodology making ultrasound evaluation of the trauma patient, quick, safe and easy. After this conference, you won't have another day without ultrasound. 
We guarantee that the investment you will make in this conference is 100% worth it.
It is time to open a new page in ultrasound!
VVC Team


What can AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® – Global FAST® do for you?

FAST is an acronym for the abbreviated ultrasound examination called Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma created as a triage and post-interventional screening test by human trauma surgeons in the 1990s.  It quickly morphed into a non-trauma (triage), and monitoring (tracking) point-of-care ultrasound imaging tool. The FAST ” T3″ applications encompass the paradigm change of its applications to Trauma, Triage, and Tracking (monitoring) that we started in 2005.  In other words, Global FAST®, the combined use of AFAST®, TFAST®, and Vet BLUE® as a single veterinary ultrasound examination, has become an extension of your physical exam and our new core skill.

AFAST® (abdominal FAST), TFAST® (thoracic FAST), Vet BLUE® (lung), and Global FAST® have been developed by FASTVet for veterinarians as a rapid, low impact, point-of-care first-line screening test to answer important clinical questions to help better:

  • Pick your next best diagnostic test

  • Better keep alive patients for gold-standard testing

  • Better keep alive patients for gold-standard treatment

  • Better serve as evidence-based information by “seeing” the abnormality

The level of the conference is MasterClass level and will cover the following core topics:
  AFAST® and Its Target-organ Approach - More than a Flash 
- Understand the standardized methodology of AFAST® image acquisition including its target organ approach, its probe maneuvering, and its scanning planes.
- Understand the AFAST use for detecting soft tissue abnormalities and its advantages over physical exam, urine and blood testing, and plain radiography.  
- Understand its widespread clinical applications and use for streamlining diagnostics and case management. 
AFAST® and Its Abdominal Fluid Scoring System for Decision Making 
- Understand the AFAST®-applied abdominal fluid scoring system, what views are used, how views are scored with our recent modification of weak versus strong positives, and how our scoring system serves as a tracking tool. 
- Understand the small volume bleeder/effusion and large volume bleeder/effusion principle and how it helps with decision-making for blood transfusion, and medical versus surgical management. - Understand the AFAST® imaging differences and limitations between the different patient subsets. 
TFAST® for the Accurate Diagnosis of Pleural and Pericardial Effusion and Its Fundamental Echocardiography 
- Understand the clinical applications of the five TFAST® views of the left and right chest tube site, left and right pericardial sites, and the diaphragmatico-hepatic view. - Understand our TFAST® rules for accurately diagnosing pericardial and pleural effusion and avoiding mistaking heart chambers for either. - Understand how to perform standing TFAST® echocardiography for the assessment of left- and right-sided problems, contractility (fractional shortening), and volume status.  - Understand the limitations of thoracic radiography and how these limitations relate to the cardiac silhouette and the evaluation of pleural and pericardial effusion. 
Introduction to Your New Stethoscope and Vet BLUE® Lung Ultrasound 
- Understand Vet BLUE® and its unique regional, pattern-based approach for a working diagnosis in respiratory suspects and patients. - Understand its B-line scoring system and how through combining B-line scoring and distribution over its regional views provides a Vet BLUE® severity scoring system. - Understand the clinical use of "dry lung all Vet BLUE® views" for ruling out wet lung conditions and guiding diuretic therapy. - Understand its signs of consolidation - shred sign, tissue sign, nodule sign, and wedge sign. 
- Understand the fundamentals and pitfalls of lung ultrasound. 



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host the event

Eastern European Master Conference

Global FAST® Ultrasound
Our New Core Skill for Patient Evaluation

Oct 03-05, 2024

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